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To know and to visit Venice doesn't mean only to traditionally visit the places of art tied up to the tourism as it Places St. Mark, the Canal Grande, the Basilica of St. Mark, the Rialto Bridge and so many others, but to taste really the perfumes and the tastes of this city it needs to know the "bacari"… they are the typical Venetian inns where they is able he anchors to taste the dishes typical of the Venetian cuisine. He cooks that is somehow tied up to the history in Venice, to his meeting with other civilizations, especially those oriental.

This site proposes him to make to not only know the typical Venetian restaurants but also the places in which are found: the "sestieri", name that the Venetians damage to their districts. Every sestieri has an own history and an own particularity. This subdivision is exactly born in the XI century in the year 1175, when the Most greater Suggestion and the Doge Vitale Michiel II they divide the city of Venice in six sestieri and they designate the representatives of the six neighborhoods to occur again more easily themselves every year for power to receive the taxes: Castello, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Marco and San Polo.

In these sestieri you can be found the "bacari", typical Venetian inns whether to eat the traditional dishes of the Venetian cuisine or simply to taste the "cicheti", Venetian custom typically of small assaggini of dishes of meat or fish and vegetables that replace the usual meal.

Ristoranti veneziani
it proposes him to point out some of the characteristic "bacari" and restaurants in Venice to also taste together with the atmosphere in a Venice of other times the tradition typical of the Venetian cuisine. You can directly effect also bookings from our site in the Venetian restaurant that more you like and to choose the menù that prefer.

Good fun and…. good appetite!

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